2009-07-09 22:54:59 by Water-SS


Prelude to Nephia- Chapter 1

2009-07-09 11:01:56 by Water-SS

Beginning, after much research, writing, practicing animation, learning from the masters of NG, and deliberation on how to go about it, to create the first in a series of Prelude to Nephia animated stories. Each flash will feature at least two songs and at the end I plan to make a movie with voices and everything.

If you would like to read Prelude to Nephia: The Black Book stories, chapters 1 through 3, visit this web site:

Prelude to Nephia: The Black Book

Have fun and don't forget to be a harsh, but constructive critic of my works!

Peace, Water_SS

Prelude to Nephia- Chapter 1

Makin My first real flash

2008-06-04 16:09:34 by Water-SS

Basically I'm creating a flash for my history project. I don't think I want to tarnish my beginning score with it though. I will use this as practice to give anyone who cares a good flash animation in the future! Thanks to the new 08' tutorial. It helped me create a scripted camera for my flash. Integral.